The California Division of Workers' Compensation has proposed QME training requirements that are expected to improve the quality of Med-Legal reporting and provide worthwhile educational opportunities for physicians. 

The changes include, but are not limited to the following:

- 6 hours of in-person QME training, replacing the distance learning option;

-evaluators would need to declare under the penalty of perjury that they did not discriminate against any parties involved in the evaluation;

-completion of a 16-hour course in a disability evaluation report writing before being appointed as a QME **(under current regulations they  are only required to attend a 12-hour course. the additional 4 hours would include a 2-hour session for review of WC case law and 2-hour session on anti-bias training)

-16 hours of continuing education every 24 months (under current regulations, QMEs only need to earn 12 hours of continuing educations credits every 2 years)

There has been some criticism to the proposed changes, but  others feel they are "generally harmless" and are hopeful in improving QME report quality problems.