Such an interesting article and holding by the New Jersey Supreme Court, with a unanimous finding that the WC Carrier needed to reimburse applicant for his medical marijuana as reasonable and necessary treatment. It was not long ago that we were seeing compound creams on every claim in SoCal, especially those treating on a lien basis, might medical marijuana be in the not so distant future?

There are many known benefits to medical marijuana, with advocates arguing that is also cheaper than many prescription alternatives that can also result in cost savings for employers. Of course this would bring employment issues into question, would an applicant be able to RTW "under the influence" of cannabis, and what exactly is under the influence? It is a common issue that arises now when dealing with sobriety, not enough studies have truly been done on cannabis (as it is still illegal federally!) to know how quickly the cannabis moves through or is broken down in the blood stream. 

An always interesting topic, with more questions than answers ahead of it.