How much would it take to make you fall in love with simplicity?  For me, it began with creating huge comprehensive lists as follows:

Step One:  Make sure that everything is on the list.  

Step Two:  Start throwing things off the list.

Defeated and disoriented, I stumbled onto a fresh idea.  The Universal Rule of Threes. For example:


A retired Army Drill Instructor confirms that the Department of Defense training method is: 



Practical Application.


3 Minutes with Air.

3 Days without Water.,

3 Weeks without Food.

3 Months without Hope.


3 Outcomes for Today.

3 Outcomes for the Week.

3 Outcomes for the Month.

3 Outcomes for the Year.

All of which build upon one another.

Could this idea contribute to three desirable outcomes for you this year?  Maybe check into JD Meier's Article, The Rule of 3 to learn more.