At the DWC Conference on Friday, March 26, the impact the pandemic has had on women was discussed extensively by Judge Paige Levy. The reason it impacts women more than men is multi-factorial.  

First, women are more likely to have jobs that are subject to layoff such as hospitality, education, personal care and retail.  Second, women are more likely to take on the burden of childcare, which has increased due to school closures.  A Census Bureau study shows that women are three times more likely to not work because of child care issues.  Third, it has also been noted that more men are in positions that allow telecommuting than women.  The loss of jobs by women has resulted in an estimated wage loss of between nearly $9 billion and more than $170 billion. 

Also discussed by the panel was the likelihood of ongoing telecommuting after the pandemic and the potential for industrial injuries while employees are working from home.