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| 1 minute read

I Have a Problem With Authority...Well, Diet Authorities

As the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel looms brighter and brighter, I can't help but notice the few pounds (or so) I've put on since we started lock downs.   I am no stranger to diets from Atkins to Weight Watchers (let's not mention the master cleanse), I always manage to lose weight, but inevitably regain it.  

In his book, Just Eat: One Reporter's Quest for a Weight-Loss Regimen That Works, Barry Estabrook chronicles the history of dieting and his own experiences.  

What struck me was his notion of following a diet.  A program or someone was telling me what I could and couldn't eat and adherence to these commands was the alleged key to success.  Much like Barry, I'm not a fan of being told how and what I can eat.  

His suggestion of leading a diet for yourself and being conscious of the small changes we can comfortably make resonated.  It's never been an option in the diet plans I tried!  So, I'm taking the lead and making some small changes over time to hopefully improve my weight and overall health.  

We'll see if I can follow myself as the leader!   

It dawned on me that I don't eat like a lot of these people. I cannot spend an hour chopping stuff for lunch. Sorry, I don't want to be a total vegetarian. Or, do I want to never eat another piece of good sourdough bread again? It came to me that the problem with diets is, nobody likes being told what or how to eat. And we all have subtly different habits, not only in what we eat but, probably more important, how we eat.