Cal/OSHA is not shy about hammering down on businesses who are not in compliance during the pandemic.  

We saw a recent string of large proposed penalties, for multiple violations of safety orders related to COVID-19 prevention and reporting. Cal/OSHA accused a Los Angeles based garment manufacturer of “intentionally” failing to report 6 employee fatalities that occurred due to COVID-19, and issued the garment manufacturer six serious, one willful, three regulatory and seven general violations, which included a failure to evaluate coronavirus hazards, a lack of physical distancing or barriers and a lack of employee training on COVID-19 prevention. 

There were other COVID-19 related violations for other employers as well, resulting in more than $150,000 in proposed penalties combined.   

This is just another reminder that deciding to skate by without taking the proper COVID-19 precautions and failing to ensure OSHA compliance, could potentially result in a very costly list of citations, that could even affect a company's ability to do business in the future.  Better to be safe than sorry.