On Monday, the California Senate Committees passed two bills aimed at closing gaps found in current legislation. 

SB 216 will require all contractors to have workers' compensation insurance by 2025. The coverage will extend to all workers injured on the job, regardless of whether they worked for the contractor for an hour, a day, or full time.  This will level the playing field for all contractors because many contractors commonly skirt the law by claiming zero employees to get an exemption from purchasing WC insurance.

SB 284 extends the compensable PTSD presumption - currently only applicable to firefighters and police officers -  to those who work for the Department of State Hospitals, The Department of Developmental Services, the California Military Department and emergency dispatchers.  Certain members of the committees felt that there should be an even standard in place because of the inherently traumatic nature of those professions. 

Stay tuned, as the bill may extend further to include peace officers working for the Dental Board of California, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Motor Vehicles and public school districts.