Perhaps in an appropriate parallel to California's geological impermanence, Prop 22 and AB5 continue to collide like tectonic plates. But a growing share of California's workers reside on the fault line. 

It's important to remember that Prop 22 did not eliminate AB5 in its entirety. It created a carve-out specific only to "App-Based Transportation and Delivery Companies", the intention being to clearly exempt the business model of its principal financial backers: Uber, Lyft and Doordash.

Albertson's latest decision to divest its own in-house delivery team previews a potentially massive scale restructuring of the employment relationship in California in an effort to cram workers under the umbrella of Prop 22.

For example, what if Uber Freight (which exists already, by the way) were to assume all trucking contracts in the state? Would there be a complete exemption from the employee classification, merely because they are "app-based"? Has Prop 22 essentially created a "technocracy" by giving app-based services a distinct business advantage?